The Beach Boys

Do It Again

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By the end of the 1960s, the majority of rock & roll's intelligentsia viewed the Beach Boys as hopelessly passé relics. However, the group produced a number of strong tracks during this time and one of the best is "Do It Again," a song that became a Top 20 pop hit in the summer of 1968. The idea for the retro-minded rocker was born when Mike Love went surfing with a friend for the first time in a long while and was reminded of how much he enjoyed it. Love teamed up with Brian Wilson and they put together a song that revisited their surf-pop past with a harder-rocking edge appropriate for the end of the 1960s. The lyrics of "Do It Again" are to surf rock what the lyrics of "Let's Twist Again" are to dance-craze pop: simply put, a call to arms for fans to relive their old glories of the music they love. The song's melody is, in a word, driven -- hard-swinging verses give way to a full-throttle chorus that feels like doo-wop on steroids. The Beach Boys' recording of "Do It Again" further draws out this driven quality with a rocking production built on pounding piano, a snarling guitar solo, and a heavily processed drum sound that borders on the metallic (note: this drum sound has become a popular sample, including an appearance on Air's "Remember Forever"). The Beach Boys' harmonies top the song off in high style, adding swinging shouts of "hey, now" behind the guitar solo and throwing out a variety of gutsy doo-wop stylings on the multi-layered chorus. Their powerful performance was not to be denied and "Do It Again" earned the group one of its last Top 20 hits of the 1960s as a result.

Appears On

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20/20 1969 Capitol 2:24
No Image 1973 Axis / Capitol
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No Image 1983 EMI Music Distribution
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Made in U.S.A. 1986 Capitol 0:00
Beach Boys' Party!/Stack-O-Tracks 1990 Capitol / EMI Records 2:15
Friends/20/20 1990 Capitol / EMI Records 2:26
No Image 1992 EMI-Capitol Special Markets
Great Jukebox Hits of the 60's, Vol. 3 : On the Road Again [CD] 1992
Various Artists
EMI-Capitol Special Markets
Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys 1993 Capitol / EMI Records 2:28
Greatest Hits [Hollywood] 1994 Hollywood / IMG 0:00
Flipper 1996
Original Soundtrack
Track Factory Records (MCA) / MCA 2:25
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Various Artists
Ace 2:22
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Various Artists
Capitol 2:05
1968: A Time to Remember 1997 A Time To Remember 2:14
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