Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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For many years, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was AC/DC's lost album -- at least in America, for though it was originally released in most other countries in December 1976, it wasn't until March 1981 that U.S. fans were able to find it in shops. By then, AC/DC was of course riding high on the worldwide success of its masterpiece Back in Black, so for many American fans, Dirty Deeds was the rock & roll equivalent of the Dead Sea Scrolls and served to cement the legend of original singer Bon Scott, by then a year in the grave. Issued as a U.K. single in January 1977, the sleazy title track painted Scott as a jack of all trades: part hit man, part backdoor lover, but always for hire at the right price. In fact, he even provided a phone number for those interested in acquiring his services (36-24-36, actually the measurements for his idealized female), causing plenty of grief for those "lucky" citizens whose phones began ringing non-stop with kids on the other side asking for AC/DC. The album's belated U.S. release also guaranteed the song a second life, and besides a fan favorite, it has since become a staple of AC/DC's live show.

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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976 Legacy / Epic / Sony Music 4:11