Cowgirl in the Sand

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Song Review by Matthew Greenwald

Another one of Neil Young's most lasting compositions, "Cowgirl in the Sand" is a song that has graced Young's repertoire since its composition. Built on a simple minor to major chord progression (like "Down By the River"), it's a great platform for Young's most barbed guitar excursions. Lyrically, it takes aim at a promiscuous and possibly unobtainable girl, and the sense of regret and longing is tangible. A true classic, it was covered nicely on the Byrds' reunion album of 1973.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 1969 Reprise 10:06
Neil Young Archives, Vol. I (1963-1972) 2009 Reprise / Warner Bros. 16:09