Champagne Supernova

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Not released as a single except in America, with a disarming lyric right up front -- "Where were you when we were getting high?" -- "Champagne Supernova" in ways is a classic example of a song that theoretically shouldn't work but ends up doing so in the best of all possible ways. Noel Gallagher's imagery was rarely so confused -- "Slowly walking down the hall/Faster than a cannonball" says it all -- while the title itself sounded like something that should be on a Euro-disco album from 1979. And yet in brother Liam's hands, or rather vocals, it all sounded magically inspirational, a reach to the stars that built and got better as it went. The music, meanwhile, matched and exceeded that sense, starting off with a simple guitar strum and shuffling beat and finally turning into a completely triumphant rock & roll blast, with guest guitarist and Gallagher hero Paul Weller adding to the top-of-the-world/end-of-the-movie feeling. That Gallagher loved Neil Young was perfectly clear here from the concluding mayhem, but darn if he didn't turn it all into his own bold success. The song pulls back just a bit at the end, wrapping slowly down and out into a E-Bow feedback drone, but the point was already made earlier, and with consummate skill at that.

Appears On

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Various Artists
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