Buffalo Springfield


Composed by Neil Young

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"Burned" was most likely one of the songs that record producer Lenny Waronker was referring to when he was describing the early, torrid Buffalo Springfield live sets in mid-1966: "To me, they were like an electric Everly Brothers." With its infectious, forward momentum and slightly countrified chord changes, "Burned" certainly fits in this category. A major-key folk-rocker with a driving guitar and vocal arrangement, this track was a favorite in the band's early repertoire. The cheery, infectious vibe of the music belies Neil Young's slightly dark lyrics. Like a lot of his early compositions, Young's slightly surreal imagery juxtaposes nicely with the music. Although Richie Furay was originally slated to sing lead, Young himself performed the vocal when the band cut it in the autumn of 1966. Given Young's inexperience singing in the studio and Furay's obviously more commercially friendly voice, it could have very possibly been a minor hit had Furay sung the lead. In the end, though, it is easily one of the more definitive songs of the early Buffalo Springfield.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Buffalo Springfield 1966 Atco 2:18
Buffalo Springfield [Collection] 1973 WEA 2:14
Buffalo Springfield [Box Set] 2001 Atco / Rhino 2:19
Neil Young Archives, Vol. I (1963-1972) 2009 Reprise / Warner Bros. 2:18
What's That Sound? Complete Albums Collection 2018 Atlantic / Rhino 2:17