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Many pop fans consider Band On The Run to be the gem of Paul McCartney’s solo catalog because of the high amount of craftsmanship that distinguishes each of its songs. Indeed, even the album’s simplest tracks benefit from the intensive amount of work put into the album - a case in point is "Bluebird," a simple bit of acoustic pop that overflows with hooks thanks to a slick arrangement. The lyrics are simple but charming as the song’s narrator compares his powers of romance to that of the title bird: "Late at night when the wind is still/I’ll come flying through your door/And you’ll know what love is for/I’m a bluebird." The music backing up this light scenario is surprisingly sophisticated, pairing hypnotically drawn-out verses that spiral down in a jazzy style with a percolating chorus built around the rhythmic chant of "I’m a bluebird." Paul McCartney’s recording of "Bluebird" mixes some island music stylings into its jazzy pop sound: The instrumental break is dominated by a smoky saxophone solo but gently strummed acoustic guitars and calypso-styled percussion anchor the track, giving it the feel of a beach campfire singalong. McCartney tops it off with a charmingly crooned lead vocal that is supported by hypnotic harmonies from Linda McCartney and Denny Laine on the chant-heavy chorus. The end result is a delightful, breezy pop tune that provides a gentle respite from the harder rocking numbers on the first side of Band On The Run. "Bluebird" remains a favorite with McCartney fans today thanks to its gentle but insidiously catchy style.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Band on the Run 1973 Capitol 3:24