New Order

Blue Monday

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Still the best-selling 12" single of all time, "Blue Monday" cemented New Order's transition from post-punk to alternative dance with vivid sequencers and a set of distant, chilling lyrics by Bernard Sumner. The single, first released in 1983 though it's been remixed and reissued countless times since, united the group's frequent synthesizer experimentation with an explicit dancefloor aesthetic rooted in electronics pioneers like Kraftwerk as well as the new electro bursting out of New York City. As usual for New Order, the title is never mentioned in the lyrics, which deal with the romantic kiss-off, another constant for the group. Official single reissues followed in 1988 (for the Substance compilation) and 1995 (for The Best of New Order).

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Power, Corruption & Lies 1983 Rhino 0:00
Substance 1987 Qwest 7:29
Kult Dance Klassix: New Wave 1993
Various Artists
SPV 7:06
It's Electric 1994
Various Artists
Double Power / Sony Music Entertainment 7:27
No Image 1994
Various Artists
JCI Associated Labels 6:58
Hit That Perfect Beat, Vol. 1 1995
Various Artists
Oglio Records 7:39
The Rest of New Order 1995 Polygram 8:35
No Image 1996
Various Artists
Dance Mix UK, Vol. 2 1996
Various Artists
Lost Property 1996
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution 7:29
The Wedding Singer [Original Soundtrack] 1998
Original Soundtrack
Maverick / Warner Bros. 7:25
Eighties Mix [Import] 1998
Various Artists
Import 5:23
Relax: Ultimate 80's Mix 1998
Various Artists
Polygram 6:46
Now: 1983 [2 CD] 1999
Various Artists
Virgin / EMI 7:24
Machine Soul: An Odyssey Into Electronic Dance Music 2000
Various Artists
Rhino 7:27
Club Mix Retro: The '80s, Vol. 1 2000
Various Artists
Cold Front Records 7:29
Simply the Best [Warner Bros. 40 tracks] 2000
Various Artists
WEA International 4:03
No Image 2002
Various Artists
Sony Music Distribution
Electric Dreams: '80s Synth Pop Classics 2002
Various Artists
EMI Music Distribution
24 Hour Party People 2002
Original Soundtrack
London 90 7:30
International 2002 Rhino / Warner Bros. 7:25
Retro 2002 London 7:28
Platinum 80s 2002
Various Artists
Warner Music 3:51
The Sound of the Cosmos 2002 Hooj Choons 2:14
Moog [Original Soundtrack] 2004
Various Artists
Hollywood 7:29
Singles 2005 Rhino / Warner Bros. / Warner Music 7:30
Sounds of the Underground [Time/Life] 2005
Various Artists
Time / Life Music 7:24
Vox Pops Presents 1980s 2009
Various Artists
WEA International 7:25
Anthems: Electronic '80s 2009
Various Artists
Ministry of Sound 4:59
Lo Esencial De Antrologia 2009
Various Artists
Sony Music Entertainment 7:28
3/60: The Eighties 2011
Various Artists
Crimson Productions 7:25
80s Fundamentals 2015
Various Artists
Rhino 7:28
Ready Player One [Songs from the Motion Picture] 2018
Original Soundtrack
No Image 7:57
Just Spin
Various Artists
Rhino / Warner Music 7:28
No Image 7:10
No Image
Various Artists