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Arguably Peter Gabriel's first masterpiece and one of the few rock songs to treat a political martyr with dignity but not mawkishness, 1980's "Biko" is a stunning achievement for its time. Closing Peter Gabriel's third and most inward, paranoid album with a jaggedly ironic twist (while other people are so wrapped up in themselves that their minds and souls are melting like the album's grotesque cover portrait, others are dying in the name of a cause much greater than themselves), "Biko" sounds completely unlike what had come in the previous 37 minutes, opening and closing with field recordings of actual South African vocal chants; in between, an impenetrably dark and oddly compelling dirge-like drone sustains itself under Gabriel's dignified vocals and elliptical lyrics, finding release only in the impassioned chorus. It's odd that such a bleak song can sound so freeing and liberating, but after the paranoia and self-absorption of the rest of the album, "Biko" quite chillingly puts things into a much broader perspective.

Appears On

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No Image 2011 Immortal
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Scratch My Back/And I'll Scratch Yours 2013 Real World Records
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¡Released! The Human Rights Concerts, 1986-1998 2013
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Various Artists
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