Baron Samedi

Composed by Graham Gouldman / Eric Stewart

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One of the most violently percussive songs in 10cc's entire repertoire, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart's "Baron Samedi" was inspired -- of course -- by the lead villain in what was then the latest James Bond movie, Live and Let Die. Voodoo rhythms percolate around lyrics which would have done Dr. John proud; disembodied shrieks rise behind the rising living dead, while snakes coil, bodies writhe, and the flames flicker around one of Stewart's most freakishly restrained guitar solos ever.

And that's just the regular studio version. 10cc's KBFH in Concert album features the positively venomous version which once consumed almost nine minutes of the band's live show, an excuse for every member to solo wildly -- and one can only imagine what their bandmates were getting up to during the interludes. Deadly snakes, headless chickens, all undead human life is there.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sheet Music 1974 Original Masters / Snapper Music 3:46
10cc/Sheet Music 1990 DCC Compact Classics 3:44
Best of the Seventies 2000 Simply The Best (Netherlands) 3:44
Two from Ten 2000 Recall (UK) 6:39
The Complete UK Recordings 1972-1974 2004 Varèse Vintage / Varese 3:48