Frank Zappa

Baby Snakes

Composed by Frank Zappa

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A song included on Frank Zappa's 1979 album Sheik Yerbouti, "Baby Snakes" also became the title of a picture disc and a film. Following the same vein as "Jones Crusher" and "Dancin' Fool," it is a fast-paced song with funny low-pitch/high-pitch vocals and busy arrangements. At first, the "Baby Snakes," "pink 'n' wet" and making "the best kinda pet," are nothing else than clitorises. But as the song progresses, the metaphor changes into some joke about recording engineers ("They live by a code/That is usually SMPTE"). Well tailored, the song is instantly recognizable by Tommy Mars' deformed "Baby Snaaaaaaakes" line.

The song was released as the B-side to the single "Dancin' Fool," and performed live only for a few months in 1978. It was usually featured in the middle of a sequence that also included "City of Tiny Lites" and "Pound for a Brown." The basic tracks used on Sheik Yerbouti were recorded live and later fattened up with many overdubs (especially the vocals).

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sheik Yerbouti 1979 Rykodisc 1:50