New Age

Born from an aesthetic that aims to induce a sense of inner calm, new age music emerged from the meditational and holistic fields. Generally, these are harmonious and nonthreatening albums that are allied with new age philosophies encouraging spiritual transcendence and physical healing. Some of these albums are artistically satisfying as well as therapeutic. Lesser musicians, however, often make ridiculous claims in the liner notes as to their ability to catapult listeners into advanced spiritual states through specially designed sonic vibrations and "immaculately conceived" musical ideas.

New Age Song Highlights

Title/Composer Performer Stream
Orinoco Flow Enya
Theme From Antarctica Vangelis
Joy George Winston
Night Wind David Arkenstone
The Dawning Constance Demby
Shared Secrets Steven Halpern / Paul Horn
Java Man Michael Hedges
In the Blue Distance Mark Isham
Oxygene, Pt. 2 Jean-Michel Jarre
Aqua Kitaro
Cristofori's Dream David Lanz
Barcelona Nights Ottmar Liebert
Tiny Geometries Ray Lynch
The Steamroller
Mannheim Steamroller
Nemi R. Carlos Nakai
Air à Danser Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Something in Tears Steve Roach
Ancient Leaves Michael Stearns
Church of Trees Liz Story
Barcelona John Tesh
Caverna Magica Andreas Vollenweider
Icarus Paul Winter
Ocean Dream Paul Winter
Santorini Yanni
Watermark Enya
Tubular Bells Mike Oldfield
Reference Point Acoustic Alchemy
The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit Will Ackerman
Ancient Dreams Patrick O'Hearn
Peace George Winston
Valley in the Clouds David Arkenstone
Willow Song Richard Burmer
History of My Heart Suzanne Ciani
I Set Myself Free Constance Demby
Touch With Your Heart Steven Halpern
Dream Weaver Steven Halpern
Bardo Peter Michael Hamel
Open Story Danny Heines
Departure from the Northern Wasteland Michael Hoenig
Selection of Tinkus Inkuyo
When Things Dream Mark Isham
Many Chinas Mark Isham
Oxygene, Pt. 4 Jean-Michel Jarre
Oxygene, Pt. 5 Jean-Michel Jarre
Theme of Secrets Eddie Jobson
Pianoscapes Michael Jones
Becoming Human Peter Kater / R. Carlos Nakai
Al Fatiha Brian Keane / Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Bell Tower Kitaro
Summer's Child David Lanz

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