Artists who died in / bands disbanded in 1975

Artist Active Genre & Styles
Cannonball Adderley 1950s - 1970s Jazz, Hard Bop, Soul Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
T-Bone Walker 1920s - 1970s Blues, R&B, Electric Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Texas Blues, Early R&B
Faces 1960s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock, Rock & Roll
Bob Wills 1920s - 1970s Country, Traditional Country, Western Swing
Louis Jordan 1930s - 1970s Blues, Jazz, R&B, East Coast Blues, Jump Blues, Regional Blues, Swing, Urban Blues, Early R&B
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee 1940s - 1970s Blues, East Coast Blues, Piedmont Blues, Regional Blues, Acoustic Blues, Country Blues, Folk-Blues
Tim Buckley 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Folk, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, Folk-Rock, Folk Jazz, Jazz-Rock
Bernard Herrmann 1930s - 1970s Stage & Screen, Classical, Avant-Garde, Film Music, Original Score, Soundtracks, TV Soundtracks, Film Score, Modern Composition
Little Anthony & the Imperials 1950s - 2020s R&B, Doo Wop, Early R&B, Soul
Brinsley Schwarz 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Pub Rock, Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Leroy Anderson 1930s - 1970s Easy Listening, Classical, Orchestral/Easy Listening, Classical Pop, Band Music, Classical Crossover, Instrumental Pop, Orchestral, Vocal Music
The Beau Brummels 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Country-Rock, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Garage Rock
The Sandpipers 1960s - 1970s Easy Listening, Folk, Pop/Rock, Vocal, AM Pop, Folk-Pop, Vocal Pop
Dmitry Shostakovich 1910s - 1970s Classical, Stage & Screen, Avant-Garde, Orchestral, Chamber Music, Symphony, Keyboard, Modern Composition, Original Score, Soundtracks
The Mothers of Invention 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Art Rock, Comedy Rock, Experimental Rock, Prog-Rock, Proto-Punk
Ducks Deluxe 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Pub Rock, Rock & Roll
Zutty Singleton 1930s - 1970s Jazz, Big Band, Swing
Stealers Wheel 1970s - 2000s Pop/Rock, AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Pete Ham 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Power Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Sugarloaf 1970s Pop/Rock, AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Album Rock
Frida Leider 1910s - 1940s Classical, Easy Listening, Opera
Richard Tucker 1940s - 1990s Classical, International, Opera, Vocal Music, Jewish Music
Fanny 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock
The Electric Eels 1970s Pop/Rock, Proto-Punk
Boris Blacher 1930s - 1970s Classical, Avant-Garde, Modern Composition, Keyboard, Chamber Music, Orchestral
Hop Wilson 1950s - 1970s Blues, Electric Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Acoustic Texas Blues
Helmut Koch 1930s - 1960s Classical, Choral
Aksel Schiøtz 1940s - 1950s Classical, Opera, Vocal Music
Max Lorenz Classical, Opera
Robert Stolz Classical, Pop/Rock, Vocal Music, Opera
Toti Dal Monte 1920s - 1930s Classical, Opera
Hans Swarowsky 1930s - 1970s Classical, Stage & Screen, Symphony
Lionel Tertis 1900s - 1930s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto, Orchestral
Vittorio Gui 1930s - 1960s Classical, Opera
Al Jackson, Jr. 1960s - 1970s R&B, Memphis Soul, Soul
Arthur Bliss 1920s - 1960s Classical, Avant-Garde, Vocal Music, Orchestral, Band Music, Chamber Music, Choral, Film Score, Modern Composition
Mirrors 1970s - 1980s Pop/Rock, Proto-Punk, Alternative/Indie Rock, American Underground, Punk, Punk/New Wave
Cromwell 1970s Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Blues-Rock, Boogie Rock
Luigi Dallapiccola 1930s - 1960s Classical, Avant-Garde, Modern Composition, Chamber Music, Choral, Keyboard, Vocal Music
Mike Brant 1970s Pop/Rock, International, French Pop, French, Western European Traditions
Muir Mathieson 1950s Stage & Screen, Classical, Film Score
Aaron Walker 1930s - 1970s Blues
Acqua Fragile 1970s Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock
Ake Persson 1950s - 1970s Jazz, Bop, Jazz Instrument, Trombone Jazz, Big Band, Swing
Alberto Hemsi 1910s - 1970s Classical, International, Spanish Folk, Vocal Music, Western European Traditions, Jewish Music
Alex Tovar Latin
Alfredo D'ascoli Classical, Chamber Music
Amy Shuard Classical, Opera
André Lafosse Classical, Chamber Music
Andrew Shmulyan Pop/Rock