Ernest Bloch

Poems of the Sea, for orchestra (or piano)

    Description by Eric Goldberg

    The sea has long been the subject of musical depiction. Whether it is the stormy seas of The Flying Dutchman overture, or the placid waters of Debussy's "En Bateau" from the Petite Suite, the liquidity of the sea and the ebb and flow of music are mutually reflective.

    Bloch's portraits of the sea are of a more workaday nature. The sea depicted in the first and third movements, "Waves" and "At Sea" are gentle without being placid and energetic without being turbulent. The central movement "Chanty" is far removed form the kind of chanty exemplified by What shall we do with the drunken sailor? This is a reflective piece with a touching melody. Bloch also prepared an orchestral version of this work.


    1. Waves
    2. Chantey
    3. At Sea

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2016 Sono Luminus DSL 92207
    2015 Sono Luminus DSL 92188
    2013 Naxos 8573241
    2004 Capriccio Records 67071
    1998 Albany Music Distribution 299
    1995 BIS 639
    1992 Marco Polo 223288