Morton Feldman

Piece for Four Pianos

    Description by "Blue" Gene Tyranny

    In this ground-breaking composition, all four pianists read from the same pages of music material material, but they play at their own internal speed. The amplitude level, like most of Feldman's pieces is as quiet as possible in order that small events and the fullness of the harmonics of each struck tone or aggregate (chord) may be heard. Gradually a landscape of delays is created, spreading away from an initial single sound source, an horizontal rather than vertical evolution. The effect is that of sublime, slowly changing chordal textures. This use of phase-modulation in music is another approach than that used by the pattern or "minimalist" composers (Reich, Glass, Riley).

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2014 LTM LTMCD 2579
    2012 MDG 6131524
    2009 Wergo 6708
    2007 New World Records 80664
    2000 EtCetera Records 300