Ernest Bloch

Nocturnes (3), for piano, violin & cello

    Description by Aaron Rabushka

    This work is a collection of three night-colored pieces for piano trio. Short ideas and statements predominate in the first movement, an Andante that begins with a low rolling piano figure, some exploratory string lines, and a dreamy idea in the piano's treble register. The music progresses in a whimsical and exploratory manner in a predominantly tonal environment in which the expected relationships between pitches are often blurred.

    The second movement, Andante quieto, begins with an expansive cello melody over a rocking piano figure and an independent yet supportive line in the piano's treble register. All three instruments expand the cello's opening melodic idea, often imitatively. The overall tone is soothing, although there is some dramatic concern that raises its head in the middle section, only to be quieted by the soothing, lullaby-like main theme.

    The third movement is marked Tempestoso. It begins lowdown on the piano, and the cello introduces a driving motivic idea that is soon taken up by violin. The piano comes in with a melodic idea in its treble register, and the music proceeds in its concerned, somewhat phantasmagorical mood, often with expansive lines in the strings and busy figures on the piano.


    1. Andante
    2. Andante quieto
    3. Tempestoso

    Appears On

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