Ludwig van Beethoven

Mit einem gemalten Band, song for voice & piano, Op. 83/3

    Description by James Leonard

    Composed in 1810 as the third of his three Op. 83 Lieder, Beethoven's Mit einem gemalten Band (With a Painted Ribbon) is the fastest, the shortest, and the most complicated of the three songs. Beethoven sets Goethe's four-verse poem as a modified strophic song in E flat major with the first and last verses in the tonic and the central two verses in the subdominant major. The gracefully arpeggiated accompaniment gently supports the simple, folk song-like melody through all four verses, easing the music from the tonic to the subdominant and back again with delicacy and grace. In the last verse, Beethoven repeats the last two lines of the poem and adds a brief but affecting cadenza for the singer at the poem's point of highest emotion. The result is perhaps the most successful of the three Op. 83 songs.

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