Luigi Rossi

La Gelosia, cantata for voice & continuo

    Description by Anne Feeney

    In contrast to the longer "arie di piu parte" (multi-part arias), the "ariette corte" generally attempted only to explore one emotion, while still providing musical variety. While many of these are emotionally if not musically superficial, some of them, such as this one, are more penetrating examinations of aspects of human nature. This particular example begins with a particularly vivid match of music and text, with the slowly moving lines over a relatively still accompaniment creating the impression of jealousy snaking into a lover 's heart. This leads immediately to a delicate aria in which the lover attempts to claim that love's fires are stronger, with an appropriately quick tempo portraying the fire. However, the verse ends with a theme more suggestive of the opening, and an almost frenzied plea for jealousy to leave. This pattern repeats, with slight variations, through three verses, strengthening the image of the lover 's continuing struggle and dismay.

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