Franz Schubert

Ein jügendlicher Maienschwung, for 3 voices, D. 61

    Description by James Leonard

    Ein jügendlicher Maienschwung (May's Youthful Impulse), D. 61, is a three-voice a cappella canonic exercise which Schubert wrote while studying with Antonio Salieri in May 1813. But while Ein jügendlicher Maienschwung is canonically correct, it is neither dull nor pedantic. Indeed, it is one of the young Schubert's most charming and delightful inventions: a strong and healthy song which captures the spirit of vernal rapture. One can more easily imagine Ein jügendlicher Maienschwung sung as a walking song sung by a trio of husky hikers in the Austrian Alps than by a trio of sallow students in a musty classroom.

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2016 Genuin GEN 16410
    2011 EtCetera Records KTC1421
    2008 Teldec 511601
    2005 Hyperion 44201
    1997 CPO 999398
    1991 Hyperion CDJ33012