Franz Schubert

Trost ("Nimmer lange weil' ich hier"), song for voice & piano, D. 523

    Description by James Leonard

    Schubert's Trost (Comfort, D. 523) of January 1817 preceded his Der Tod und das Mädchen by a month, but many of the elements that make the latter song among the greatest of all his songs are already in place in Trost. The duple time, the dactylic rhythm, the smooth modulation from the dark minor-key opening to the radiant major conclusion, the essential quality of noble grace: all these things are already present in Trost. A simple strophic song setting three verses by an unknown poet on the subject of impending death, Trost has been almost completely ignored by singers and commentators. Yet Trost would be an ideal foil for Der Tod und das Mädchen, not least because it is a more positive and even uplifting treatment of the same subject.

    Appears On

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