George Gershwin

La-la-Lucille, musical

    Description by Norbert Carnovale

    A musical farce in three acts, and the first show for which Gershwin supplied all of the music. The show was premiered in tryout on April 21, 1919 in Atlantic City, NJ, moving on to New York for an opening there on May 26, and closing after 104 performances. The year 1919 was a good one for Gershwin, also being the year that he and Irving Caesar created the extremely successful song Swanee.

    SONGS: (*indicates the song is thought to have been published)

    Unless otherwise indicated, all lyrics were by Arthur J. Jackson & B. G. DeSylva; When You Live in a Furnished Flat; The Best of Everything*; From Now On*; It's Hard to Tell; Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo*; Nobody But You*; It's Great to Be in Love; There's More to a Kiss than the Sound (Irving Caesar)-issued in separate edition, revised lyric for There's More to a Kiss than the X-X-X*; Somehow It Seldom Comes True*; Ten Commandments of Love (same song as There's Magic in the Air)


    1. When you live in a furnished-flat
    2. The best of everything
    3. From now on
    4. It's hard to tell
    5. Tee-oodle-um-bum-bo
    6. Nobody but you
    7. It's great to be in love
    8. Somehow It seldom comes true
    9. The 10 commandments of love
    10. Oo, how I love to be loved by you
    11. The love of a wife (not used)
    12. Our little kitchenette (not used)
    13. Money, money, money! (not used)
    14. Kisses (not used)

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2005 Nonesuch
    1995 Nonesuch 7559793702