Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Se ardire, e speranza, aria for soprano & orchestra, K. 82 (K. 73o)

    Description by Anne Feeney

    This early (1770) concert aria was, like many, written to a text by

    the dominant librettist of the time, Metastasio. While it is unquestionbly

    early in style, a theme and variations format in an ABA structure,

    it is also warm and melodic, with a definite musical appeal.

    The aria is taken from Metastasio's complete libretto "Demofoonte, " and

    while the entire text is unbelievably complicated, there is a certain

    simplicity in this text, and Mozart makes the most of it by setting

    up an appealing melody that doesn't bore the listener the first time

    it is sung and isn't completely obscured by the increasingly complex

    ornamentations with each repetition. Like most arias of the time,

    it is set up with the initial theme, a set of variations, a recitative

    that gives the singer a chance to breathe and serves as a kind of palate

    cleanser for the audience before the theme and variations begin again.

    Appears On

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