Giuseppe Verdi

Aroldo, opera

    Description by Anne Feeney

    Aroldo is Verdi's reworking of his 1850 Stiffelio, largely because he felt that the plot of the earlier work stood in the way of its success. For the largely Catholic audiences in Italy, the idea of a married priest, one who forgives his wife's infidelity, was problematic, so Verdi rewrote the work to set it in the Crusades, and turn the minister Stiffelio into the crusader, Aroldo. For the most part, the only changes in the first acts are trivial -- it is the last act that receives major dramatic and musical reworking.

    The music is typical middle-period Verdi, fairly conventional but occasionally showing flashes of great imagination or psychological insight. For example, Egberto, Mina's father, has a cabaletta in which his thirst for revenge on his daughter's lover is depicted in quiet and dangerous near-whispers, making the final forte outburst all the more dramatic. Aroldo's hard-won control in the scene in which he asks Mina for a divorce is depicted powerfully, as well, and the last-act music for Mina and Egberto is yet another of Verdi's powerful depictions of a father-daughter relationship.


    1. Overture
    2. Tocchiamo! a gaudio insolito
    3. Ciel, ch'io respiri!
    4. Salvami to, gran Dio
    5. Egli vieni
    6. Sotto il sol di Siria ardente
    7. Ma lagrima ti grondano!
    8. Ebben, parlatemi
    9. Tosto ei disse!
    10. Dite che il fallo a tergere
    11. Ed io pur in faccia
    12. Or meco venite
    13. O Mina, tu mi sfuggi
    14. E'bello di guerra
    15. Eterna vivra in Kenth
    16. Vi fu in Palestina
    17. Oh, qual m'invade ed agita
    18. Chi ti salve
    19. Oh cielo! Ove son io?
    20. Ah, dagli scanni eterei
    21. Mina!... Voi qual m'invade ed agita
    22. Ah, dal sen di quella tomba
    23. Io resto
    24. Ah! dal sen di quella tomba
    25. Dessa non e
    26. Non punirmi, o Signor
    27. Ei fugge! e con tal foglio
    28. Mina, pensa che un angelo
    29. Oh, gioia inseprimiblile
    30. L'istante s'avvincina!
    31. Opposto e il calle
    32. Non allo sposo
    33. Ah si, voliamo al tempo
    34. Cade il giorno
    35. Cantan felici!
    36. Angio! di Dio
    37. Al lago
    38. Ah! più non reggo
    39. Ah, da me fuggi
    40. Allora che gli anni

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