Johann Sebastian Bach

Cantata No. 32, "Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen," BWV 32 (BC A31)

    Description by James Leonard

    Composed for the First Sunday after Epiphany, which fell on January 13, 1726, Bach's Cantata No. 32 "Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen" (Dearest Jesus, my desire) (BWV 32) sets a text by Georg Christian Lehms. The text is a dialogue between Jesus and the soul. As was his usual procedure, Bach cast Jesus as a bass and the soul as a soprano. The cantata is simply scored for soprano and bass soloists, chorus, oboe, strings, and basso continuo. "Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen" begins with its first movement in dark E minor and its second in the major dominant of B major, which leads back to the original tonic of E minor for the third movement. But while its fourth starts in the dominant of B major, it closes in the relative major of serene G major, the tonality of the sixth and final movement. The fifth movement in D major serves as a structural dominant for the G major of the closing chorale. The first movement is a gloomy Adagio aria for soprano with a soulful obbligato oboe dueting above piano e spiccato sempre strings and continuo. The second movement is a very brief and restrained secco recitative for bass soloist and continuo. The third is a triple-time da capo aria in the form of a trio sonata for bass soloist, solo violin, and continuo. The fourth is a recitative for both soprano and bass soloist with strings and continuo. The fifth is a confident da capo aria duetto for both soloists with the highly embellished first violins serving as a third solo voice above the oboe, strings, and continuo. "Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen" concludes with a chorale for chorus and full orchestra colla parte.


    1. Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen
    2. Wass ist's, dass du mich gesuchet?
    3. Hier, in meines Vaters Stätte
    4. Ach, heiliger und grosser Gott!
    5. Nun verschwinden alle Plagen
    6. Mein Gott, öffne mir die Pforten

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