Johann Sebastian Bach

Cantata No. 145, "Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen," BWV 145 (BC A60)

    Description by James Leonard

    Bach's Cantata No. 145 "Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergotzen" (I Live, My Heart, for Your Salvation) (BWV 145) exists only in a nineteenth century score that has five movements by Bach preceded by a chorale movement by Telemann. Given the subject of the text by Picander, it seems likely that the original cantata was intended to be performed on Easter Tuesday, April 19, 1729. The cantata is scored for soprano, tenor and bass soloists, chorus, a trumpet, a transverse flute, a pair of oboe d'amore, strings, and basso continuo. Without Telemann's opening movement, "Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergotzen" starts in D major, moves to B minor for its second movement, returns to D major for its third, and switches to F sharp minor for its fourth and fifth movements. Bach's first movement is a quick duetto aria in the form of a trio sonata for soprano and tenor soloists with a concertante solo violin. The second movement is a secco recitative for tenor soloist and continuo and the third movement is a fast and dramatic triple-time aria for bass soloist plus full orchestra, including prominent trumpet and continuo. The fourth is a second secco recitative, this time for soprano soloist and continuo. The extant version of "Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergotzen" concludes with a chromatic harmonization of a chorale melody by Nikolaus Hermann from 1560 for chorus and full orchestra colla parte.


    1. Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen
    2. Nun fordre, Moses, wie du willt
    3. Merke, mein Herze, beständig nur dies
    4. Mein Jesus lebt
    5. Drum wir auch billig fröhlich sein
    6. Auf mein Herz! Des Herren Tag
    7. So du mit deinem Munde bekennest Jesum

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