Luigi Rossi

Hor guardate come va, cantata for voice & continuo

    Description by Anne Feeney

    This cantata is a charming example of the arietta corta (short little aria) in a rondo form. However, while the main theme that opens the cantata is repeated several times throughout, and at first it follows a predictable pattern (the first section beginning and ending in the major, the second in the relative minor, then returning to the major, and a da capo al fine pattern), Rossi tricks the listener once these expectations are established, inserting just the first line of the refrain in the third section of the first verse ("Sospirar notte e di"), but using that to lead into a reprise of that third section from its beginning, not the first section, where it opened the work and was used as the refrain previously. In this way, he not only avoided a too-frequent repetition of the full refrain in a relatively brief piece, but also seems to play a "gotcha" with the listener, as if illustrating the unfairness of love that the cantata laments, albeit in a generally cheerful aria.

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    2004 Stradivarius 33560
    Solstice Records SO 054