Krzysztof Penderecki

Fonogrammi, for flute & chamber orchestra

    Description by "Blue" Gene Tyranny

    Penderecki's "Fonogrammi", an unusual and still unpublished ensemble work for three flutes, strings, harpsichord and percussion (incl. piano) of approximately 6 and 1/2 minutes duration was composed in 1961. This is another of Penderecki's intriguing and sensual sound studies that have no overt programme (although perhaps a private one for the composer). Penderecki was a "romantic" in this sense at a time when most composers were involved in some intellectual compositional procedure or other. (That situation still hasn't changed much.) It opens with a clash of suspended cymbals and gong. Strummed piano strings, icy harmonics, and a wild mass of strings with wide vibrato, lead into more percussion. A wacky bass solo is accompanied by string instruments struck quasi-randomly on their bodies, and a crazed cacophony of flutes and percussive sounds follows. Solo flutes play in unusual techniques, fluttertongue, the log drum-like sound of the snapping of the flute keys, which is imitated by knocking on the piano, cymbal flutters and a loud crash with random tubular bells. A serious string chord leads to flute solo accompanied by bells and vibraphone and the very 1960's sound of a vibraslap. Two low, moaning flute tones lead the music out.

    Appears On

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