Theodore Lalliet

Fantaisie brillante, for bassoon & piano (or orchestra)

    Description by Joseph Stevenson

    This is a nice late-Romantic recital piece for bassoon and oboe, possessing the special flair for woodwind writing that was the particular province of French composers of the period.

    Theophile-Casimir Lalliet (1839 - 1892) was one of the leading orchestral oboe players in France. He was for several years the principal oboist of the Opéra de Paris. He wrote this 11-minute piece for his colleague Désiré Dihaut, the principal bassoonist.

    Lalliet received a typical French musical education, which included composition and theory courses. As a leading practitioner of his instrument and teacher, he wrote music for oboe and other winds. He wrote this piece for either salon performance with piano or for a concert with orchestral accompaniment.

    It is in a typical form for such works: that of a fully fledged bel canto opera aria, divided into its three typical sections of recitative (dramatic), cavatina (lyrical), and cabaletta (showy and fiery). The melodies are attractive, and the writing assumes the participation of a professional for complete technique for the time.

    If not a particularly outstanding work in absolute terms, it is an effective showpiece even yet, and serves the bassoon repertoire well.

    Appears On

    Year Title Label Catalog #
    1993 Crystal Records Dist. 841