Johann Sebastian Bach

Cantata No. 195, "Dem Gerechten muss das Licht," BWV 195 (BC B14)

    Description by James Leonard

    Bach's wedding Cantata No. 195 "Dem Gerechten muss das Licht immer wieder augehn" (The Righteous must always sow the light) (BWV 195) exists in three versions composed at different times. The first was written in 1727, then revised in 1742, and then revised again sometime between August 1748 and October 1749. The first version was in eight movements, five before the ceremony and three after it. In the final version, Bach dropped the original sixth through eighth movements and wrote a newly composed sixth movement. The author of the text is unknown. The cantata is scored for soprano, alto, tenor, and bass soloists and chorus and a huge orchestra consisting of three trumpets plus tympani, pairs of transverse flutes and oboes, strings, and basso continuo consisting of cello, bass, and harpsichord. The first movement is a grandly festive chorale fantasia setting of Psalm 97:11-12 for full orchestra and chorus with the soloists. The second is a severe secco recitative for muscular bass soloist and continuo. The third is a massive aria for bass soloist, pairs of oboe d'amore, and transverse flutes plus continuo. The fourth is sorrowful recitative for soprano soloist and continuo with weeping transverse flutes and sighing oboes. The fifth is a second festive chorale fantasia scored in the same manner as the opening movement. The final version of "Dem Gerechten muss das Licht immer wieder augehn" concludes with a harmonization of a chorale by Paul Gerhardt for chorus and orchestra, but with two horns in place of the three trumpets.


    1. Dem Gerechten muss dach Licht
    2. Dem Freuden-Licht gerechter Frommen
    3. Ruhmet Gottes Güt' und Treu'
    4. Wohlan, so knüpfet denn ein Band
    5. Wir kommen, deine Heiligkeit
    6. Nun danket all' und bringet Ehr'

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