Dave Brubeck

Blue Rondo à la Turk

    Description by James Leonard

    The Dave Brubeck Quartet's LP Time Out was conceived as an experimental record, a collection of tunes set in odd time signatures and enclosed in classical structures. The initial impetus came from a world tour the quartet undertook at the behest of the State Department. On it, the group heard music in compound time signatures, which Brubeck decided to incorporate into the repertoire. One of the first songs he wrote was Blue Rondo a la Turk, which the quartet recorded on July 1, 1959. It joins a folk tune the group heard in Istanbul in 9/8 time with a pair of 12-bar blues solos in a classical rondo form. The Turkish 9/8 is not divided into three beats of three each (3-3-3) as it would be in Western music, but as three beats of two each and a fourth beat of three (2-2-2-3). This gives the opening theme a rushing, impulsive character that Brubeck builds into a massive chordal climax. After the climax, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond solos over a 12-bar blues pattern that is interrupted in the first chorus by statements of the Turkish theme. Then Brubeck solos on piano over the same 12-bar pattern. Desmond takes the final chorus, re-interrupted by statements of the Turkish theme, which leads to a recapitulation of the whole opening and a second massive chordal climax ending the song. Blue Rondo a la Turk was issued as the B-side of the quartet's Take Five single in 1960 and became the best-selling single that summer. It has since been performed by everyone from harpsichordist Alexander Kipnis to Bette Midler to Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Al Jarreau. But the Brubeck Quartet's original recording is still definitive.

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