Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Adam Zwig has been releasing solo music since 2002, including this year's Stones, Bones and Skin EP. The EP's closing track is a revamped, string-heavy version of his song "Waiting on Heaven (To Make a Move)," and we have the debut of the track's carefully-crafted lyric video, directed by Aya Tanimura. The elaborate nature of Tanimura's videos is a big step from the Flash animation-dominated standard of the format, combining live action along with the lyrics being presented onscreen. In addition to this video, she's also made three top-notch lyric videos for Katy Perry.

"With this lyric video, I wanted to emphasize the meaning and the words of the song, as they float through like dreams for you to read," Zwig said. "A lot of the lyric videos I'd seen just showed words over images, whereas I was looking for something more compelling with a storyline, and Aya Tanimura is an expert at that. I really love the beautiful story, look and atmosphere she came up with."

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