Ever wished you could tailor AllMusic to your personal tastes? Now you can. With our user ratings feature you get to be the critic, ranking albums on the same five-star scale as our editors. Then, get personalized album recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. Where other sites rely on figures and formulas, AllMusic recommendations are based on the connections created by our editors. It’s like getting suggestions from your music geek friend – if their knowledge spanned over three million albums.

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Rate Your Favorite Albums
We’re inviting you to tell us what you think about the albums on our site. How do you feel about Zaireeka by the Flaming Lips? Love Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music but hate Songs for Drella? Did D’Angelo’s Voodoo change your life? Now you can rate albums on the same five star rating scale as our editors do.

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See How Other AllMusic Users Rated Albums
We're showing off the average user rating and the number of times users have rated an album. Find out if AllMusic users agree with our editors' ratings. Sort an artist’s discography by average user rating to see what our users think is the best.

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Get Personalized Recommendations Based on Your Likes and Dislikes
Tell us which albums you love, and a few you might hate, and we’ll find ones that you may be interested in. The more albums you rate, the more precise our suggestions can become.

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