Need a little pick-me-up today? Here at AllMusic, we've got you covered with two exclusive advance album streams that'll put a little spring in your step. First up is Night Singers, the latest from indie duo Eric & Magill. The collaboration of Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman, who fans of Midwestern emo-tinged rock may recognize from bands like the Promise Ring and Camden, offer an album of dreamy pop that bounces between spare folk and more expansive electronic productions. Though they assembled the album with half a world between them, AllMusic editor Fred Thomas says Night Singers "hone(s) a palpable intimacy and sense of connection" and "offers a rare example of an emotionally astute pop record sonically detailed enough to get lost in for a while."

RIYL: Helio Sequence's lush atmosphere; Passion Pit's sparkling electronics; Perfume Genius' emotional intimacy.

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Purchase Night Singers via iTunes. Night Singers is out July 23 on Perfect From Now On.

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