An instrumental duo who create a remarkably massive sound, Zombi are equally inspired by horror movie soundtrack maestros like John Carpenter and Goblin, electronic pioneers such as Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, and prog-rock wizards like King Crimson and Genesis. Frequently eschewing guitar in favor of bass, drums, and plenty of analog synths, Zombi's fascination with horror scores was at its peak on their 2004 debut album, Cosmos. From there, their horizons only expanded, and the vintage prog homages of 2006's Surface to Air and the fusions of Italo-disco and Krautrock on 2011's Escape Velocity presented very different -- but just as genuine -- incarnations of their music. As the synth-driven music and horror movie music Zombi championed early on became more popular in the 2010s, they bucked the trends. Following their 2013 bucket-list ...
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