Zeca Baleiro began to perform in São Luís do Maranhão MA around 1975. After years acting as composer/interpreter in several cities like Belo Horizonte MG and São Paulo SP, he had his big break when Gal Costa invited him to appear in her special for Acústico MTV in 1997. His first two albums, Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry? and Vô Imbolá, won gold records. He was also nominated for the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Pop Album category. In 1999 he was awarded Best Singer by APCA (São Paulo's association of art critics), and in 1998 won three Sharp prizes in the pop/rock category, as best song, best album, and revelation. Songs off his first CD were chosen for soundtracks of TV Globo soap operas; "Samba do Approach" (off the second one) was included in TV Globo's series Mulheres. Baleiro has performed in Cannes (France), ...
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Vo Imbola 1999 Vo Imbola
Por Onde Andara Stephen Fry? 1998 Por Onde Andara Stephen Fry?
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