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Year Album Artist
2014 Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep/Broadway Micky Micky Dolenz Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Tiple, Mandolin
2004 The Ultimate 5th Dimension The 5th Dimension Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
2000 The Best of Big Daddy Big Daddy Tiple
1997 Up Up and Away: The Definitive Collection The 5th Dimension Guitar, Guitar (12 String)
1997 Vanity of Venus Cheryl Gunn Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 Crossroads Nicholas Gunn Guitar (Acoustic)
1996 National Parks Series Box: Grand Canyon/Yosemite/Olympic National Park/Great Smoky Moun Guitar (Acoustic)
1995 The Music of the Grand Canyon Nicholas Gunn Guitar (Acoustic)
1994 Broadway Micky Micky Dolenz Guitar (Acoustic), Tiple, Mandolin
1994 The Sacred Fire Nicholas Gunn Guitar
1991 Cutting Their Own Groove Big Daddy Guest Artist, Tiple
1991 Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep Micky Dolenz Guitar, Tiple
1991 Stephen Longfellow Fiske Stephen Longfellow Fiske Guitar (12 String)
1974 Pratt/McClain Pratt & McClain Guitar
1972 Greatest Hits on Earth The 5th Dimension Guitar
Punch Punch Guitar (12 String)
Twenty Years of Discovery Nicholas Gunn Guitar (Nylon String)