Yoshiro Kuzumaki


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Year Album Artist
2008 Caught in the Act Rosetta Stone Mastering
2008 Free Together Colin Hare Mastering
2008 Goin Crazy The Ian Mitchell Band / Ian Mitchell Mastering
2008 Like a River Colin Hare Mastering
2008 On The Boulevard Bachelor of Hearts Mastering
2008 Play Live!! In Evanston, 1980 The Records Mastering
2008 Suddenly You Love Me The Ian Mitchell Band / Ian Mitchell Mastering
2007 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos Engineer
2004 Live in Japan The Rubinoos Engineer
2003 Rain & Shine The Canterbury Music Festival Mastering
2000 Ross Ross Mastering
1998 Electric Shocks Plus Roger Ruskin Spear Mastering
1985 Flash Forward Tim Moore Mastering
1985 The Sport of Kings Triumph Mastering
1984 Thunder Seven Triumph Mastering
1983 Interrupted Journey Verity Mastering
1983 Wildest Wish to Fly Rupert Hine Mastering
1982 Boomerang/Shoes on Ice Shoes Mastering Engineer
1982 Never Surrender Triumph Mastering
1982 Waving Not Drowning Rupert Hine Mastering
1981 Allied Forces Triumph Mastering
1981 Cover to Cover Pezband Mastering
1981 Freedom of Speech Phantom Band Mastering
1981 Immunity Rupert Hine Mastering
1981 The Body Album Body Mastering Engineer
1980 Progressions of Power Triumph Mastering
1980 Tongue Twister Shoes Mastering Engineer
1979 Close Personal Friend Robert Johnson Mastering Engineer
1979 High Contrast Tim Moore Mastering
1979 Just a Game Triumph Mastering
1979 Mama Chicago Mike Westbrook Mastering
1979 Messin' with the Boys Cherie & Marie Currie Mastering
1979 Present Tense Shoes Mastering Engineer
1979 Stand Alone Flintlock Mastering Engineer
1978 Laughing in the Dark Pezband Mastering
1978 Patrick Moraz Patrick Moraz Mastering
1978 Restless Nights Alan Ross / The Alan Ross Band Reissue Mastering
1978 Sons of Survival Doctors of Madness Reissue Mastering
1977 Are You Free on Saturday Night Alan Ross Reissue Mastering
1977 Fountains of Light Starcastle Mastering Engineer
1977 Graham Bonnet Graham Bonnet Mastering
1977 Live in Tokyo Amazing Blondel Mastering
1977 Out In the Sun Patrick Moraz Mastering
1977 Pezband Pezband Mastering
1977 Rock Pictures Rosetta Stone Mastering
1977 Thamesbeat The Pleasers Mastering Engineer
1977 White Shadows Tim Moore Mastering
1976 Bad Dreams Amazing Blondel Mastering
1976 Figments of Emancipation Doctors of Madness Reissue Mastering
1976 Hot from the Lock Flintlock Mastering Engineer
1976 Jackpot Jack the Lad Mastering Engineer
1976 Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms Doctors of Madness Reissue Mastering
1976 No Bad Habits Graham Bonnet Mastering
1976 Sleepers Grimms Mastering Engineer
1976 The Story of I Patrick Moraz Mastering
1975 Behind the Eyes Tim Moore Mastering
1975 Inspiration Amazing Blondel Mastering
1975 On the Way Flintlock Mastering Engineer
1975 Our Only Weapon Is Our Music Gonzalez Mastering
1975 Wind on the Water Crosby & Nash / David Crosby / Graham Nash Mastering Engineer
1974 Gonzalez Gonzalez Mastering Engineer
1974 Happy Daze Lindisfarne Mastering
1974 John Verity Band John Verity Band Mastering Engineer
1974 Mulgrave Street Amazing Blondel Mastering
1974 Refugee Refugee Mastering
1974 Stage Door Johnnies Claire Hamill Mastering
1974 Starcastle Starcastle Mastering Engineer
1973 Glitter Gary Glitter Mastering
1973 Goodbye: Live at Command Stud Mastering
1973 One Live Badger Badger Mastering
1972 Electric Shocks Roger Ruskin Spear Mastering
1972 First Album Roger Morris Mastering
1972 Last Autumn's Dream Jade Warrior Mastering
1972 Lo and Behold Coulson / Dean Mastering
1972 Nurses Song with Elephants David Bedford Mastering
1972 September Stud Mastering
1972 Tractor Tractor Mastering Engineer
1971 A Candle for Judith The Way We Live Mastering
1971 Good Taste Is Timeless The Holy Modal Rounders Mastering Engineer
1971 Gypsy Gypsy Mastering
1971 Mainhorse Mainhorse Mastering
1970 Chapter Three, Vol. 2 Manfred Mann Chapter Three Mastering
1970 Heavy Petting Dr. Strangely Strange Mastering
1969 Chapter Three, Vol. 1 Manfred Mann Chapter Three Mastering
1969 Zephyr Tommy Bolin / Zephyr Mastering
A Beautiful Day: Cover & Standard, Vol. 2 Karen Aoki Mastering
Batman Live At Budokan The Trend Mastering
Citadel Starcastle Mastering Engineer
March Hare Colin Hare Mastering
The Pit & The Pendulum Ross Reissue Mastering
Voyage Karen Aoki Mastering