Yoga Frog was one of the lesser-known members of the world-renowned Bay Area DJ collective the Invisibl Skratch Piklz. He rarely performed with the group in public or on record, instead concentrating more on the collective's business affairs. Born Ritche Desuasido on September 26, 1974, he started scratching in a Daly City-based DJ crew called Second to None before hooking up with the Piklz in 1996. Yoga Frog mostly practiced with the more experienced DJs of the group, and though his official performing debut was promised sometime in 2000, his only public work with the Piklz was on one of the home videos periodically posted on the group's website as "Turntable TV." The Piklz officially disbanded in 2000, and Yoga Frog busied himself with Thud Rumble, the management/production/distribution company he co-founded with fellow Pikl DJ Q-Bert.
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