A German pop singer and tunesmith who enjoyed his greatest success in the '90s, Wolfgang Petry is widely considered to be one of the greatest modern exponents of the style known as schlager, sweet and accessible pop songs with an emphasis on romantic lyrics. Petry was born on September 22, 1951 in Cologne-Raderthal, Germany. When he was just 16, Petry became the head of his household after the death of his father, and had to look after his five-year-old brother. Petry studied engineering and worked in a machine shop, but while he had one eye on practical matters, he was also interested in music, and during downtime from his studies, he formed a band called Screamers (not to be confused with the Los Angeles synth-punk combo), and they toured when his schedule permitted. In 1975, producers Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann saw Petry ...
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Alles 1996 Alles
Nie Genug 1997 Nie Genug
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