Wolfgang Fenchel


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Year Album Artist
2008 Greatest Trance Hits Design
2005 CD Practice Tracks: Blues for All Lead Instruments, Vol. 1 Design, Layout Design
2005 Practice Tracks: Blues for Bass Players Design, Layout Design
2005 Practice Tracks: Rock for All Lead Instruments, Vol. 1 Design, Layout Design
2005 Practice Tracks: Rock for Bass Players Design, Layout Design
2004 Dr Phibes Rises Again [30th Anniversary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Artwork
2004 Influences & Connections, Vol. 1: Mr. Big Graphic Design
2004 Invasion of the Body Snatchers [25th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Design
2004 The Abominable Dr. Phibes [Original Motion Picture Score] Artwork
2004 This Is Dance, Vol. 2 Design
2004 This Is Techno [Water Music] Design
2004 This Is Trance [Water Music] Design
2003 Anthem Alert Soda Club Artwork
2003 Beethoven: The Complete Cycle of Trios, Vol. 1 Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio Design
2003 Chasing Paint Jane Ira Bloom Art Direction, Design
2003 Julia Messenger Julia Messenger Graphic Design
2003 Liquid Lounge Digital Design
2002 Best of Cafe del Sol: Ibiza at Dawn Design
2002 Pure Chill Out Graphic Design
2001 Concept Concept Art Conception
2001 Elevation, Vol. 4 Design
2001 Noua Romanie Design
2001 ORG Lounge ORG Lounge Art Direction
2001 She: A Female Trip-Hop Experience Design, Track Selection
2001 Touch the Sun Ikarus Artwork, Design
2000 Earth: Final Conflict Design
2000 Earthtone Collection, Vol. 3 Design
2000 Elevation, Vol. 3 Design
2000 Sonic Images Prime Time Design
1999 A Whisper Across the Sand Ayman Artwork, Design
1999 Ascension Design
1999 Babylon 5: River of Souls [Original TV Soundtrack] Christopher Franke Art Direction
1999 Babylon 5: Thirdspace [Original TV Soundtrack] Christopher Franke Design
1999 Native Trance Stonecoat Design
1999 Return to the Grand Canyon Nicholas Gunn Design
1999 Sun at Midnight Cheryl Gunn Design
1999 Wing Commander [Original Soundtrack] Kevin Kiner Design
1998 11:02 Mars Lasar Design
1998 Elevation, Vol. 1 Design
1998 Gone with the Wind [Original Authorized] Cover Design
1998 Heart of the Ocean James Horner Design
1998 Merlin Mystery Alkaemy Design
1998 Say Yes Terry Wollman Design
1998 Trailer Project: Coming Soon - Previews of Coming Attractions John Beal Design
1998 Wilde Debbie Wiseman Design
1996 Café del Mar: Ibiza, Vol. 3 [React] Café del Mar Design
1988 Constellations Conrad Schnitzler Illustrations
1983 Invisible Voices Rüdiger Lorenz Lettering