With the Dead is a U.K. doom metal/stoner rock power trio comprised of well-known veterans of that scene. Guitarist/bassist Tim Bagshaw also plays in A Serpentine Path. He and drummer Mark Greening were the original rhythm section for Electric Wizard, and worked together for nine years in Ramesses (Greening is still a member). Vocalist Lee Dorrian fronted Cathedral, and before that, Napalm Death. He is also the owner of Rise Above Records (longtime home to Electric Wizard before a split in 2012). Bagshaw and Greening were working on new tunes when they asked Dorrian if he might be interested in releasing them. He loved the demos so much that, after being asked, he joined the pair. With the Dead was officially founded on Halloween of 2014, with no stated goal other than to make the heaviest, most damaging record possible. They began ...
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