William Henry Monk

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Probably better known in his day as an organist, church musician, and music editor, William Henry Monk composed a fair number of popular hymn tunes, including one of the most famous from nineteenth century…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Abide with me (Tune: Eventide) 1861 03:53 Choral
Lord, Thy Word Abideth (Tune: Ravenshaw) 02:58 Choral
All things bright and beautiful 03:15
Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding (on the tune "Merton") 02:53 Choral
At The Name Of Jesus Every Knee Shall Bow 03:57 Vocal Music
Hark! a herald voice is calling 02:21 Choral
The Strife is o'er, the battle done (tune Victory after Palestrina) (New English Hymnal 119) 03:40 Choral
Who are these, like stars appearing? (Tune: All Saints) 03:39 Choral
And now, O father, mindful of the love 03:50 Choral
Now in holy celebration (tune Oriel after Pange Lingua) 03:31 Vocal Music
Lord, in this thy mercy's day (tune St. Philip) (New English Hymnal 69) 02:22 Choral
Ye holy angels bright, hymn for chorus (Tune: Darwall's 148th) 03:05 Choral
Soldiers of Christ, arise (Tune: Ethelwald) 02:26 Choral
Hail to the Lord's Annointed! (tune Crüger after Crüger) (NEH 55) 04:10 Choral
O bli hos meg 03:56 Miscellaneous (Classical)
As with gladness men of old (Tune: Dix) (New English Hymnal 47) 18?? 03:02 Choral
Jesus, Meek and Gentle, hymn (tune: St. Constantine) 02:27 Choral
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