William "Harley" Cataldo

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Year Album Artist
2011 Music in Style, Vol. 2 Producer
2011 Hed Kandi: Beach House [2011] Composer
2011 Café Solaire, Vol. 19: Soul Emotions For Cool Funky People Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer
2009 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 6 Producer, Arranger
2009 Café Solaire 16: Soul Emotions For Cool Funky People Producer, Arranger, Selection
2009 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 15 Producer, Arranger, Compilation Producer, Selection
2008 Unlimited, Vol. 6 Kay Rush Producer, Arranger, Remixing, Creation
2008 Seasons Recordings Presents: House Session, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer
2008 Raisani: 5 Golden Years Producer, Arranger, Composer
2008 Portrait of Warren Hanna Producer
2008 Moodswing Enigmatic Producer
2008 Monte Carlo Nights: New Classics Producer
2008 Luxury House for Floating Pleasures in Venice Producer, Composer
2008 In Bed with Space - Chill House Edition, Pt. 11: Mixed by Bruno from Ibiza Bruno from Ibiza Producer, Arranger, Composer
2008 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 5 Producer, Arranger
2008 Deep House, Vol. 5 Harley & Muscle Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Composer
2008 Clubstar Session: 10th Anniversary Producer, Arranger, Composer
2008 Catwalk Glamour: Onstage Backstage Producer
2008 Catwalk Glamour, Vol. 3 Producer
2008 Catwalk Glamour Producer
2008 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 14 Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer
2008 Armed Response Harley & Muscle Producer, Arranger, Composer
2008 Addicted to House, Vol. 7 Producer, Live Mixing
2007 Young Style Grooves, Vol. 3 Producer
2007 Sunday in Bed: Sexy Sounds for Lazy Lovers Producer
2007 Luxury House for a Fascinate Sunset Producer
2007 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 1 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Composer
2007 Karavan: Spiritual Dance Pierre Ravan Producer
2007 In the Mix 2007: Mixed by DJ Pippi and Jamie Lewis DJ Pippi Producer, Arranger, Composer
2007 In Bed with Space - Lounge Edition, Pt. 8: Compiled and Mixed by Bruno from Ibiza Bruno from Ibiza Producer
2007 House Vibes Ibiza at Ibiza Global Radio Producer, Executive Producer
2007 House Session: Coolest House Grooves from San Francisco Arranger, Compilation Producer
2007 House Is Love Producer
2007 Hotel Dubai Producer, Arranger, Composer
2007 Get Around with It Monodeluxe Producer
2007 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 4 Compilation Producer, Composer
2007 Frank Milano: Mixed by Harley & Muscle Harley & Muscle Arranger, Creation, Compilation Producer, Sound Design
2007 Deep House, Vol. 3 Harley & Muscle Producer, Arranger, Live Mixing, Composer
2007 Deep House, Vol. 1 Harley & Muscle Producer, Compilation Producer, Selection, Live Mixing
2007 Dance to the Max [Clubstar Germany] Composer
2007 Creations Daniel Boone / Steal Vybe Executive Producer
2007 Club Miami, Vol. 1 Composer
2007 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 13 Producer, Selection
2007 Beachland 2007 Producer, Composer
2007 Bargrooves: The Ibiza Summer Collection Producer
2007 Addicted to House, Vol. 6 Harley & Muscle Mixing
2006 One Wish Wonder Drivetrain Executive Producer
2006 Obsession Lounge Producer
2006 Karavan: Global Grooves & Spiritual House Compiled and Mixed by Pierre Ravan Pierre Ravan Producer
2006 Jon Cutler in the Mix Jon Cutler Producer, Composer
2006 In Sound Gene Hunt Producer
2006 House: The Vocal Session 2006, Vol. 2 Producer
2006 Hotel St. Tropez: La Suite Producer
2006 Harley & Muscle Play Deep House: Third Chapter Producer, Compilation Producer, Live Mixing
2006 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 3 Producer, Executive Producer
2006 Fashionshow: The Sound of the Catwalk Producer
2006 Decade of Truth [2 CD] Harley & Muscle Producer, Composer
2006 Clubstar Kultbox, Vol. 2 Producer, Executive Producer
2006 Club and Lounge, Vol. 1: Mixed by John Dahlback Producer, Executive Producer
2006 Cigar Lounge, Vol. 4 Producer
2006 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 9: Ethno Moods and Deep Cool Producer, Arranger, Liner Notes, Executive Producer, Selection
2006 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 10 Producer, Arranger, Selection, Composer
2006 Cafe Copacabana, Vol. 4 Producer
2006 Cafe Copacabana [C&B] Producer
2006 Bargrooves: Magenta Executive Producer
2006 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 9 Executive Producer
2006 Amazing Place Karu Producer
2006 Afterdark: Milan Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Composer
2006 Addicted to House, Vol. 5 Harley & Muscle Producer, Mixing
2006 A Lounge Supreme, Vol. 5 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer
2005 Shanghai Lounge: The Finest Lounge Music Producer
2005 Shades of a Shadow John Dahlbäck Executive Producer
2005 Savannah Ibiza Beach Club, Vol. 3 Producer, Arranger, Creation, Executive Producer
2005 Play Deep House: Second Chapter Harley & Muscle Producer, Mixing, Executive Producer
2005 Nova Latino, Vol. 4 Producer
2005 Neolectrism Neoelectrique / Neolectrique Executive Producer
2005 Miami Deeper Lounge 3 - Deep Touch Extravagant Mix Producer, Executive Producer
2005 Las Salinas 2005 Producer
2005 Hi Jazz, Vol. 3: A Fine Collection of Nu Jazz Themes Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer
2005 G Lounge Milano, Vol. 2 Compilation Producer, Executive Producer
2005 Deep Season: Autumn 01 Mixing
2005 Café del Mar: Chillhouse Mix, Vol. 4 Producer
2005 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 8 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Selection
2005 Cafe Ibiza, Vol. 7: Best of Balearic Ambient and Chill Out Music Producer
2005 Cafe Ibiza, Vol. 6: The Ambient & Chill Out Album Producer, Remixing
2005 Best of Cafe Ibiza Producer
2005 Back in the Days Defloristics Producer
2005 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 8 Producer
2005 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 4 Producer, Arranger, Composer
2005 Addicted to House, Vol. 4 Mixing
2005 A Lounge Supreme, Vol. 4 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer
2004 So Far Monodeluxe Producer
2004 Slowfeed Desansis Producer
2004 Savannah: Ibiza Beach Club, Vol. 2 Producer, Selection, Composer
2004 Respected Everywhere Harley & Muscle Producer, Composer
2004 Keepin' On PC Synergy Executive Producer
2004 Hi Jazz, Vol. 2: A Fine Selection of Nu Jazz Producer, Arranger, Compilation Producer, Executive Producer, Group Member, Composer
2004 Hed Kandi: Ibiza 2003 Composer
2004 Harley & Muscle Play Deep House: First Chapter Producer, Live Mixing, Composer
2004 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 7 Producer, Remixing, Executive Producer
2004 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 6: Ethno Moods And Deep Cool Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Selection
2004 Addicted to House, Vol. 3 Harley & Muscle Mixing, Remixing, Executive Producer
2003 Vision Island Groove Producer
2003 Soulshine's Soulful Session, Vol. 2 Louis Benedetti Producer, Composer
2003 Savannah: Beach Club, Vol. 1 Producer, Arranger, Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Composer
2003 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 3 Producer, Executive Producer, Composer
2003 Lounge Supreme, Vol. 2 Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Composer
2003 Latin Soul Fusion, Vol. 2: Mixed by Daniel Klein Daniel "Gucciman" Klein Producer
2003 Hi Jazz, Vol. 1: A Fine Collection of Nu Jazz Themes Producer, Arranger, Creation, Liner Notes, Composer
2003 Cafe Solaire, Vol. 4 Producer, Arranger, Compilation Producer, Composer
2003 Addicted to House, Vol. 1 Harley & Muscle Producer, Mixing, Liner Notes, Composer
2003 Addicted 2 House, Vol. 2 Producer, Remixing, Live Mixing, Composer
2002 Cafe Solaire: Ethno Moods & Deep Cool, Vol. 1 Producer, Concept, Composer
2000 Deep House, Harley & Muscle in the Mix Mixing
Sunset in Dubai Gülbahar Kültür Producer
Sunset Pearls: Ibiza Edition Henri Kohn Producer
Sunset Pearls Producer
Love Lounge Producer
House: The Chill Edition Producer
House Session, Vol. 4: The Coolest House Grooves From New York DJ Friendly / Dave Lare Compilation Producer
Heavenly Grooves [Heavenly Bodies] Composer
Harley & Muscle Present Addicted To House 8 Mixing
G Lounge Milano, Vol. 9 Producer, Arranger, Composer
Café Solaire, Vol. 18 Producer, Arranger, Selection
Café Solaire 17 Producer, Arranger, Selection