William Grant Still

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William Grant Still was the first African-American to rise to prominence as a composer of classical concert music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony No. 1 ("Afro-American") 1930 Symphony
And They Lynched Him on a Tree, for double chorus, narrator & orchestra (also in voice & piano score) 1940 Choral
Suite for Violin and Piano 1943 Chamber Music
Summerland, for piano 1935 Keyboard
La Guiablesse, ballet & orchestral suite 1927 Ballet
Caribbean Melodies, folk song settings (16) for choruses, soloists, percussion, piano & dancers (collab. with Z.N.Hurston) 1941 Ballet
Miniatures for flute, oboe & piano 1948 Chamber Music
Here's One, for chorus & piano 1941 Choral
Romance for Saxophone, for saxophone & piano (or chamber orchestra) 1954 Chamber Music
Visions (3), for piano 1935 Keyboard
Songs of Separation, song cycle for voice & piano 1945 Vocal Music
Quit Dat Fool'nish, for piano 1935 Keyboard
Seven Traceries, for piano 1939 Keyboard
Danzas de Panama, for string quintet 1948 Chamber Music
Reverie, for organ 1961 Keyboard
The Blues, for violin & piano (arranged from "Lenox Avenue") Chamber Music
Pastorela, for violin & piano, or violin & orchestra 1946 Chamber Music
Elegy, for organ 1963 Keyboard
A Song for the Lonely, for voice & piano 1953 Vocal Music
Vignettes, for oboe, bassoon & piano 1962 Chamber Music
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