William Albright

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The brilliant talents of William Albright enabled him to do more in his only 53 years than many performers, composers, and educators are able to do in a full career. Born in Gary, IN, in 1944, Albright…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Brass Knuckles, for piano (from Three Novelty Rags) 1968 Keyboard
Novelty Rags (3), for piano Keyboard
The King of Instruments, a parade of music & verse for organ & narrator 1978 Keyboard
Sweet Sixteenths, concert rag for organ 1974 Keyboard
Sonata for alto saxophone & piano Chamber Music
Organbook III Keyboard
Fancies (4) for harpsichord 1979 Keyboard
The Dream Rags, for piano Keyboard
Chichester Mass Choral
Flights of Fancy: ballet for organ 1991 Ballet
Abiding Passions, for wind quintet 1988 Chamber Music
Sleight-Of-Hand Rag Keyboard
The Sleepwalker's Shuffle Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sweet Sixteenths for piano Keyboard
Symphony for organ 1986 Keyboard
Sphaera for piano & tape 1985 Keyboard
Jericho: Battle Music for trumpet & organ 1981 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Nightmare Fantasy Rag, for piano Keyboard
Pit Band, for alto saxophone, bass clarinet & piano 1993 Chamber Music
In Memoriam for organ 1983 Keyboard
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