Willem Makkee


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Year Album Artist
2017 Konzerte 1972/1977 Cluster Mastering
2016 1971-1981 Cluster Mastering
2016 Walking the Line Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio Remastering
2015 Kollektion 03: Populäre Mechanik Compiled by Holger Hiller Populäre Mechanik Mastering
2015 Kollektion 04: Bureau B Compiled by Richard Fearless Richard Fearless Mastering
2013 Silver Conrad Schnitzler Mastering
2012 Beat Fräuleins: Female Pop in Germany 1964-1968 Mastering
2011 Bambi Kino Bambi Kino Mastering
2011 Funky Fräuleins, Vol. 2 Mastering
2011 Momenti Felici Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
2010 Psy Valley Hill Gurumaniax Mastering
2009 Cleaning Out the Ashtrays Lloyd Cole Mastering
2009 Disco Jazz Mastering
2009 Esther Ofarim in London Esther Ofarim Remastering
2009 Funky Frauleins: Female Beat, Groove, Disco, Funk in Germany 1968-1978 Mastering
2008 Der Supermann: Song Collection 1975-1979 Heidelinde Weis Remastering
2008 Easy Beatles: Irresistible In-Sound Interpretations from the 60s and 70s Mastering
2008 Sprechen Sie Pop? Mastering
2008 Zarah Ohne Kleid Tim Fischer Mastering
2007 Achtung! German Grooves Mastering
2007 Jinx Kammerflimmer Kollektief Mastering
2007 Klare Verhältnisse Heinz Rudolf Kunze Mastering
2007 Marlene Dietrich with the Burt Bacharach Orchestra The Burt Bacharach Orchestra / Marlene Dietrich Mastering
2007 Parlez Vous Pop? Mastering
2006 Collection 1965-2004 James Last Mastering
2006 In New York: With Bobby Scott and His Orchestra Esther Ofarim Remastering
2006 Soul Legends Marvin Gaye Mastering
2005 In London: Arranged & Conducted by Johnny Keating Caterina Valente Mastering
2005 Memory Lingers on: Remembering Jesse James and All the Boys Ray Campi Mastering
2004 A Trip to Brazil, Vol. 3 [2 LP Set] Mastering Engineer
2004 Connie Francis in New York Connie Francis Remastering
2004 Jankowskeynotes Horst Jankowski Digital Remastering
2004 Jim Reeves Connection Jim Reeves Mastering
2004 Juke Joint Boogie Freddie Hart Mastering
2004 Komando Samba Mastering
2004 Originals Boxset, Vol. 1 Bert Kaempfert Remastering
2004 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [Bear Family] Mastering
2003 A Trip to Brazil, Vol. 3: Back to Bossa Mastering Engineer
2003 Gold Conrad Schnitzler Reissue Mastering
2003 The Shoot the Heart [Album] The Darwins Engineer
2002 Beyond Recall: A Record of Jewish Musical Life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938 Transfers
2002 Lounge Legends Lee Hazlewood Remastering
2002 Lounge Legends Roberto Delgado Remastering
2002 Lounge Legends France Gall Remastering
2002 Lounge Legends Sammy Davis Remastering
2001 The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks, Vol. 2 Mastering
2000 A Trip to Brazil: Bossa Nova & Beyond [Double LP] Mastering Engineer
2000 Home Taping is Killing Music A. K. Klosowski / Pyrolator Transfers
2000 Outhipped Barbara Dennerlein Mastering
1999 A Trip to Brazil, Vol. 2: Bossa & Beyond Mastering
1999 Black Forest Explosion Horst Jankowski Remastering
1999 Love Till Brönner Mastering
1999 Moonflowers & Mini-Skirts Peter Thomas Mastering
1999 Sound of the City, Vol. 1: New York Mastering
1999 Sound of the City, Vol. 4: Paris Mastering
1999 Sound of the City, Vol. 5: Hamburg Mastering
1999 The Warner Brothers Years & More Bill Haley Mastering
1998 A Trip to Brazil: 40 Years of Bossa Nova Mastering
1998 At Beethoven Hall: The Complete Recordings George Russell Mastering
1998 Cor Maria João Digital Editing, Mastering
1998 Magic Voices The Singers Unlimited Mastering
1998 Music for Two Brothers Rolf Kühn Mastering
1998 Right Now Howard Johnson / Howard Johnson & Gravity Mastering
1998 Two Originals: Happy Girl & Hip Walk Nathan Davis Mastering
1997 Jazz Meets Africa [MPS] Mastering
1997 Jazz Meets Brasil Mastering
1996 Beginning of the End Ian & Sylvia Mastering
1996 Boss of the Bossa Nova Walter Wanderley Mastering
1996 Fábula Maria João Editing
1996 Junkanoo Barbara Dennerlein Mastering
1996 Masterpieces Dave Pike Mastering
1996 Sizzling Strings/The Fabulous Guitar Roy Lanham Mastering
1996 The Complete D Singles Collection, Vol. 1 Mastering
1995 Compass Point/I've Got Something to Say David Allan Coe Mastering
1995 Exclusively for My Friends: The Lost Tapes Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio Mastering
1995 Human Emotions/Spectrum VII David Allan Coe Mastering
1995 Powerhouse Sounds of the 70's Peter Herbolzheimer Mastering
1995 Tattoo/Family Album David Allan Coe Mastering
1995 Three Latin Adventures Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Mastering
1994 Ladylike Miriam Klein Mastering
1994 Masterpieces The Singers Unlimited Mastering
1994 Three Originals George Duke Mastering
1994 Verve Jazz Masters 11 Stéphane Grappelli Mastering
1992 Ärger Mit Der Unsterblichkeit Andreas Dorau Transfers
1991 Piano Piano Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1990 Compact Jazz: Jean-Luc Ponty & Stephane Grappelli Jean-Luc Ponty Digital Remastering
1990 Selbstportrait, Vol. 6: The Diary of the Unforgotten Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1988 Demokratie Andreas Dorau Transfers
1987 Congratulacion Conrad Schnitzler Reissue Mastering
1987 Pyrolator's Traumland Pyrolator Remastering
1986 Blue Moon Moebius Remastering
1986 Laserscape YOU Remastering
1986 Wie Das Wispern Des Windes.../Like The Whispering Of The Wind... Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1984 Geschenk des Augenblicks (Gift of the Moment) Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1984 JaPlan Der Plan Remastering
1983 Die Letzte Rache Der Plan Remastering
1983 Double Cut Moebius & Beerbohm Remastering
1983 Litia Asmus Tietchens Mastering
1983 Time Code YOU Remastering
1983 Tonspuren Moebius Remastering
1983 Zero Set Dieter Moebius / Mani Neumeier / Conny Plank Remastering
1982 Die Doraus & Die Marinas Geben Offenherzige Antworten Auf Brennende Fragen Die Doradus & Die Marinas / Andreas Dorau Transfers
1982 Für Mich Thomas Dinger Mastering
1982 In Die Nacht Asmus Tietchens Reissue Mastering
1982 Lupa Palais Schaumburg Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1982 Spät-Europa Asmus Tietchens Mastering
1982 Strange Music Beerbohm / Moebius / Moebius & Beerbohm Remastering
1982 Wasser im Wind Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1981 Ausland Pyrolator Remastering
1981 Biotop Asmus Tietchens Mastering
1981 Blumen und Narzissen Andreas Dorau Transfers
1981 Con 3 Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1981 Conrad & Sohn Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1981 Contempora Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1981 Curiosum Cluster Remastering
1981 Freedom of Speech Phantom Band Remastering
1981 Inselmusik Rolf Trostel Reissue Mastering
1981 Lustwandel Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1981 Material Moebius & Plank Remastering
1981 Normalette Surprise: 23 Elektronische Schlager Der Plan Remastering
1981 Offene Türen Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1981 Wenn Der Südwind Weht Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1980 Conzequenz Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1980 Electri City Michael Bundt Mastering
1980 Phantom Band Phantom Band Remastering
1980 Rastakraut Pasta Moebius & Plank Remastering
1980 Selbstportrait, Vol. 2 Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1980 Selbstportrait, Vol. 3: Reise Durch Arcadien Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1980 Young Django Stéphane Grappelli Remastering
197? Zoom: The Legendary MPS Sessions Volker Kriegel Mastering
1979 Ein Produkt Der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft D.A.F. Remastering
1979 Electric Day YOU Remastering
1979 Geri Reig Der Plan Remastering
1979 Grosses Wasser Cluster Remastering
1979 Inland Pyrolator Remastering
1979 Selbstportrait Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1979 Überfällig Günter Schickert Mastering
1978 After the Heat Brian Eno / Moebius / Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1978 Durch die Wüste Hans-Joachim Roedelius Remastering
1978 Liliental Liliental Mastering
1978 Sternzeit Adelbert Von Deyen Mastering
1978 Vielleicht Bist Du Ein Clown Novalis Mastering
1978 Wunderbar Wolfgang Riechmann Remastering
1977 Live at the Berlin Jazz Days Trilogue Remastering
1976 Kaempfert ´76 Bert Kaempfert Remastering
1976 Live at Home Jane Mastering
1976 Sowiesoso Cluster Remastering
1975 A Capella II The Singers Unlimited Remastering
1975 Deluxe Harmonia Mastering
1975 Lady Jane Jane Mastering
1975 Three Originals Albert Mangelsdorff Mastering
1974 A Meditation Mass Yatha Sidhra Mastering
1974 Blau Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1974 Jane III Jane Mastering
1974 Musik von Harmonia Harmonia Mastering
1974 Zuckerzeit Cluster Mastering
1973 Atlantis [1973] Atlantis Mastering
1973 Guru Guru Guru Guru Mastering
1973 Here We Are Jane Mastering
1973 Rocksession Embryo Mastering
1973 Rot Conrad Schnitzler Remastering
1973 Sperrmüll Sperrmull Mastering
1973 To the Good Life Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra Remastering
1972 43 Minuten Os Mundi Mastering
1972 Cluster II Cluster Mastering
1972 Electric Sandwich Electric Sandwich Mastering
1972 Lonesome Crow Scorpions Mastering
1972 More Smiles Francy Boland / Kenny Clarke / Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Digital Remastering
1972 So Far Faust Reissue Mastering
1971 Bert Kaempfert Now! Bert Kaempfert / Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra Remastering
1971 Cluster '71 Cluster Remastering
1971 Communication Nelson Riddle Digital Remastering
1971 Eloy Eloy Mastering
1971 Epitaph Epitaph Mastering
1971 Eruption Kluster Remastering
1971 Frumpy 2 Frumpy Remastering, Mastering
1971 Great Connection Oscar Peterson Remastering
1971 In Tune Oscar Peterson Digital Remastering
1971 Kin Ping Meh [Polydor] Kin Ping Meh Mastering
1971 Reunion Blues Oscar Peterson Digital Remastering
1971 Spectrum Volker Kriegel Digital Remastering
1971 Weed...! Weed Mastering
1971 Zwei-Osterei Kluster Remastering
1970 All Will Be Changed Frumpy Mastering
1970 Another Day Oscar Peterson Digital Remastering
1970 Chariots of the Gods (Erinnernungen an Die Zukunft) Peter Thomas Sound Orchester / Peter Thomas Remastering
1970 Hello, Herbie Herb Ellis / Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio Digital Remastering
1970 Klopfzeichen Kluster Remastering
1970 Lucifer's Friend Lucifer's Friend Mastering
1970 Midnight Mood Mark Murphy Digital Remastering
1970 Tracks Oscar Peterson Mastering, Digital Remastering
1970 Tristeza on Piano Oscar Peterson / Oscar Peterson Trio Remastering
1970 Two Originals: Walking the Line & Another Day Oscar Peterson Mastering
196? Get Easy, Vol. 4: The German Pops Collection Digital Mastering
196? Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks Mastering
196? Reith On!: The Legendary MPS Sessions Dieter Reith Remastering
196? Sound Kaleidoscope Martin Böttcher Remastering
1969 Fellini 712 Francy Boland / Kenny Clarke / Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Digital Remastering
1969 Motions & Emotions Oscar Peterson Digital Remastering
1969 Sunshine of Your Love Ella Fitzgerald Remastering, Mastering
1968 All Smiles Francy Boland / Kenny Clarke / Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band Digital Remastering
1968 Life at the Donaueschingen Music Festival Archie Shepp Remastering
1967 Annie Ross & Pony Poindexter Pony Poindexter / Annie Ross Digital Remastering
Compact Jazz: George Shearing George Shearing Remastering
The Awakening Dream Jurriaan Andriessen Mastering