Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

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Admirers of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach consider him in many ways the most original and interesting of the composer-sons of the great Johann Sebastian.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sinfonia for strings in F major ("Dissonant"), F. 67 (BR C2) 1735 13:15 Symphony
Concerto (Sonata) for 2 harpsichords in F major, F. 10 (BR A12) (previously attrib. J.S. Bach, BWV Anh188) 1740 16:37 Keyboard
Duet for 2 flutes in F minor, F. 58 (BR B5) 08:44 Chamber Music
Duet for 2 flutes in E minor. F. 54 (BR B1) 09:42 Chamber Music
Fugue for organ in G minor, F. 37 (BR A92) 02:28 Keyboard
Duet for 2 flutes in F major, F. 57 (BR B4) 12:03 Chamber Music
Fantasia for keyboard in A minor, F. 23 (BR A26) 1770 03:48 Keyboard
Duet for 2 flutes in G major, F. 59 (BR B6) 08:59 Chamber Music
O Wunder, we kann dieses fassen?, cantata, F. 92 (BR F2) 24:35 Choral
Sinfonia in D minor ("Adagio and Fugue"), F. 65 (BR C7) 1740 09:04 Symphony
Polonaise for keyboard in E minor, F. 12/8 (BR A34) 1765 03:41 Keyboard
Duet for 2 flutes in E flat major, F. 56 (BR B3) 14:59 Chamber Music
Concerto for 2 harpsichords & orchestra in E flat major ("Double Concerto"), F. 46 (BR C11) 1745 20:05 Concerto
Was mein Gott will, chorale prelude for organ, F. 38/1/5 (BR A97) 03:10 Keyboard
Polonaise for keyboard in E major, F. 12/7 (BR A33) 1765 04:08 Keyboard
Polonaise for keyboard in F minor, F. 12/10 (BR A36) 1765 03:26 Keyboard
Harpsichord Concerto in D major, F. 41 (BR C9) 1735 16:07 Concerto
Harpsichord Concerto in F major, F. 44 (BR C13) 1740 21:43 Concerto
Trio sonata for 2 flutes & continuo No. 4 in B flat major, F. 50 (BR B16) 1762 12:18 Chamber Music
Sinfonia in D major (used as prelude to cantata "Dies ist der Tag"), F. 64 (BR C8) 1755 10:05 Symphony
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