Wild Don Lewis

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Year Album Artist
2006 God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Recordings Tiny Tim Photography
2005 Thorn in Mrs. Rose's Side/Children of Light Biff Rose Photography
2003 Songs Our Mother Taught Us Borbetomagus Photography
2003 Orchestra Superstring Orchestra Superstring Photography
2003 I Can Remember Everything/See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me Jennifer Warnes Photography
2002 First Time in a Long Time: The Reprise Recordings Fanny Photography
2002 Evilution Rosemary's Billygoat Photography
2000 Forward Back Crib Photography
2000 First We Feel Lynn Johnston Photography
1999 White Room Magic Pacer Photography
1999 The Facts of Destiny Centimeters Photography, Bottle
1998 She Is Church Crib Photography, Design
1998 1930 Merzbow Photography
1997 No Requests Tonight The Devil Dogs Photography
1997 Dig This Dig That Bobby & Magic Pacer Photography
1996 Starbent But Superfreaked Foreskin 500 Photography
1996 Songs for the Radio Cut Photography
1996 Jabberjaw Compilation, Vol. 2: Pure Sweet Hell Photography
1996 Chairs I Have Known Jac Zinder Photography
1996 3 Man Themes Slug Photography
1995 Poop Alley Tapes Photography
1995 Live in Amerika Zeni Geva Photography, Portraits
1995 Dear You Jawbreaker Photography
1995 Bad Motherfucken 40 O-Z Red Aunts Photography
1994 You Suck Crap Babyland Photography
1994 The Model: Best of Kraftwerk Kraftwerk Photography
1994 Seemen Seemen Photography
1994 Punk USA [Lookout] Photography
1994 Prick Melvins Photography
1994 Jabberjaw Compilation: Good to the Last Drop Photography
1994 Crimp in the Facts Bed of Eyes Photography
1994 Belly to the Ground Rig Photography
1993 Lord of Light Hawkwind Photography
1993 Houdini Melvins Photography
1993 Hating Brenda Rump Photography
1993 Ethereal Killer Hammerhead Photography
1993 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Jawbreaker Photography
1992 Plays Pretty for Baby The Nation of Ulysses Cover Photo
1992 Music 1968-1971 Mason Williams Photography
1992 Infadrone Pressurehed Photography
1989 Vida Dc3 Artwork, Art Direction
1987 No Age [SST] Photography
1987 Fuck The Leaving Trains Art Direction
1987 Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Jennifer Warnes Photography
1970 Fanny Fanny Photography
1969 Summerhill Summerhill Cover Photo