Wes Benscoter

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Year Album Artist
2020 Solitude in Madness Vader Cover Art
2019 Thy Messenger Vader Cover Art
2018 Medium Rarities Cattle Decapitation Cover Art
2015 The Anthropocene Extinction Cattle Decapitation Artwork, Treatments
2014 Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Autopsy Cover Art
2013 Omen of Disease Broken Hope Cover Painting
2013 End of Disclosure Hypocrisy Artwork
2012 Monolith of Inhumanity Cattle Decapitation Artwork, Treatments
2011 Macabre Eternal Autopsy Cover Painting
2011 In Crisis Defiled Cover Art
2009 The Harvest Floor Cattle Decapitation Artwork
2007 Treasures from the Catacombs Nile Cover Art
2007 The Dio Years Black Sabbath Illustrations, Booklet
2006 Swarm! Torture Killer Cover Art
2006 Rock N Roll Nightmare Thor / Thor and the Tritonz / Jon Mikl Thor Cover Art
2006 Karma. Bloody. Karma Cattle Decapitation Cover Art
2005 Nightmares Made Flesh Bloodbath Cover Art
2005 3 The Atomic Bitchwax Cover Art
2004 Humanure Cattle Decapitation Original Cover Artwork
2004 House by the Cemetery/Mortal Massacre Mortician Illustrations
2004 Helping the World to See Vehemence Cover Art
2003 Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology Dio Cover Illustration
2003 Divination Defiled Cover Art
2003 De Profundis/Future of the Past Vader Cover Art
2003 Darkest Day of Horror Mortician Cover Art
2002 Spit Blood The Atomic Bitchwax Artwork, Design
2002 Safe Kittie Cover Art
2002 Deletion of Humanoise King's Evil Artwork
2001 Ugliness Revealed Defiled Cover Art
2001 Last Adventures of Captain Dog Blind Dog Cover Art
2001 Domain of Death Mortician Cover Art
2000 Further Solace Cover Painting
2000 Carnivorous Erection Regurgitate Artwork
1999 Hate/Bastard Saints Sinister Artwork
1999 Fucked Up Mess Hellnation Cover Art
1999 Chainsaw Dismemberment Mortician Illustrations, Cover Illustration
1998 Zombie Apocalypse Mortician Illustrations
1998 Romantic Gorilla Romantic Gorilla Cover Art
1997 There Was Blood Everywhere Embalmer Artwork
1997 Spectrum Fest Cover Design
1997 Loathing Broken Hope Illustrations, Artwork
1997 Hacked Up for Barbecue Mortician Illustrations, Artwork
1997 Fearless Undead Machines Deceased Illustrations
1996 Using Sickness as a Hero Human Remains Cover Design, Cover Art
1996 Upon the Throne of Apocalypse Incantation Illustrations
1996 Undisputed Attitude Slayer Illustrations, Artwork
1996 Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7 Illustrations
1996 Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5: In Living Color Illustrations
1996 Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4 Illustrations
1996 Smoking Songs Exit-13 Illustrations
1996 House by the Cemetary Mortician Illustrations
1996 Bastard Saints Sinister Art Direction
1995 Hate Sinister Artwork
1995 De Profundis Vader Cover Art
1995 Blueprints for Madness Deceased Illustrations, Cover Art
1995 Black Winter Day [EP] Amorphis Cover Art
1994 Tales from the Thousand Lakes Amorphis Artwork
1994 Mortal Throne of Nazarene Incantation Illustrations
1994 Divine Intervention Slayer Artwork, Cover Illustration
1993 Obsculum Obscenum Hypocrisy Art Direction
1993 Diabolical Summoning Sinister Art Direction, Cover Design, Cover Art
Ravenous Plague Legion of the Damned Cover Art
Infinite Regress Defiled Cover Art