Spanish metal band Warcry was first dreamt into being in 2001. Drummer Alberto Ardines and vocalist Victor Garcia were working with the band Avalanch, and began casually collaborating, writing songs together, knowing full well that their current band would never include these new ideas in its repertoire. The pair decided to record their new material on the side, with the help of guitarists Fernando Mon and Pablo Garcia. The project was near completion in 2002 when Avalanch questioned the pair's commitment, causing Ardines and Victor Garcia to strike out on their own. Along with Mon on guitar, Alvaro Jardon on bass, and Manuel Ramil on keyboards, Ardines and Garcia completed Warcry's debut album, El Sello del Tiempos, in 2003. Warcry toured nationally in support of their new project, winning fans in every city the band visited. By January ...
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