b. 6 March 1951, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. This highly talented and experienced blues guitarist finally formed and recorded with his own band in 1989 after a lengthy spell with John Mayall and Canned Heat. With a line-up of Jim Trapp (bass), Leroy Larson (drums) and Dan Abrams (keyboards), he debuted with Life In The Jungle in 1990. This showcased Trout’s remarkable feel and dexterity and courted Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Gary Moore comparisons. Klas Anderhill took over on drums for Prisoner Of A Dream, on which the band moved into a more commercial mainstream rock direction. Much of the soulful passion was replaced for a heavier approach more akin to bands such as Europe, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi. Trout moved away from his blues roots with Transition, although his remarkable ability as a guitarist shone through an album of ...
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Positively Beale Street 1997 Positively Beale Street
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